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The Interconnectedness of Everything Else

'The Interconnectedness of Everything Else' encompasses the psychological nature of my work and guides a deep exploration into the subconscious. As a personal theme for the work, 'The Interconnectedness of Everything Else' allows a painterly expression of what might be, could be considered as ‘Everything Else’.  As an artist, these works interpret ‘Everything Else’ as what is beyond the concrete and present, beyond time and space, and they quietly illuminate fleeting moments of human experience and emotion with an emphasis on the infinite and the transitory. This appeals to me as a fugitive and ephemeral visual chase to grasp and exploit these understandings.from an existential and metaphysical perspective.

These paintings reveal a dreamscape of theatrical and psychological dramas investigating the relationship with and unconscious yearning for unknown places that spark a connection to the spiritual, religious, mystic, perverse and decadent. My intention is one of illumination – to mirror back and potentially to reveal a hidden existential and collective truth.

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